Sunday, March 26, 2006

What I really did Sunday March 26th.

It is 4:30PM where I am.

Here is what I have done today.

I woke up to piss at 8:30AM. Masturbated and went back to sleep.
I then woke again at 10:45 to piss, I trimmed my pubes out of boredom and went to sleep.
My dog was crying at 12PM to go outside and piss, so I masturbated, put on some pants and took him out.
At 2PM I decided to get up for the day. I came downstairs. Looked for a new place to live. Watched a porno where this women (the mom) forces the young babysitter to suck and fuck the dad. Sooner or later the mom joins in and it is a wicked porn. I masturbated, showered and ordered an all meat pizza. Everyone I know thinks I'm a vegetarian.
The pizza came at 3:20, I ate some, registered this blog and started away.

It's 4:37PM now, I'll likely never post again.


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